Dr. Park was amazing! Xeomin is the way to go. Thank you PTD staff!

Diana Kirichkow.

Amazing product, injections were very painless and I’m seeing results 4 days after. These results are far better than what I’ve achieved with our neuro toxins. I’m a huge fan!

Chelsey Forrest.

I did it. So great! Took 3 days to work, definitely better than Botox that takes 2 weeks! Super happy with the results!

Brandy Thornton.

I am just amazed! I have plenty of flaws…but wrinkles are not one of them.  Thank you so much, I broke out crying because I feel like this has literally changed my life!  I don’t look tired anymore, I’m so happy!  I highly recommend Xeomin to anyone! 

Teresa L

I went to this challenge in LA and I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone was so sweet. I was surprised because no one tried to upsell me tons of stuff and………this is the first time something worked!! I haven’t had any luck with Botox around my eyes but Xeomin worked great and it’s so inexpensive. I hope you guys come back so I can get my forehead done lol.

Jan Haley-Soule

My face looks neater and streamlined, the difference is crazy! I’M ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED!

Ava Herrera

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